About Us

Kadaiku, which in the local Malay dialect means “my shop”, is a treasure cove of mementos that represent the magic and essence of Sabah, the Land Below the Wind. Housing an extensive collection of local handicraft and souvenirs, its mission is to promote Sabah’s handicrafts by producing quality products for purchase.  Specializing in 100% authentic traditional handicrafts, shopping at Kadaiku is a cultural experience in itself.


Glossing through quintessentially bead-work, handmade baskets, and hand-woven tapestries, you discover the culture and people behind each craft. Fusing functionality with artistic cultural designs, each item is a true traditional and ethnic representation of its respective artisan.


Kadaiku also has an exclusive collection of pearl necklaces, earrings, and pendants, made of pearls sourced from the surrounding waters of Sabah. Bringing the sounds of Sabah home with you is also an option with their collection of traditional musical instruments ranging from the sweet whistles of the Suling and Sompoton to the deep vibrations of the Gongs. Kadaiku also creates amazing customised gifts and hampers upon request for festive and private events, incorporating hints of Sabahan culture into each gift. Allowing you to bring pieces of Sabah home with you, Kadaiku has something for everyone.